Join our team! Hyalite Fire is still accepting applications for our Spring 2023 Recruit Academy.

We are looking for motivated individuals with a strong interest in serving their community, working hard, and helping others. We are an all hazards fire district providing fire, rescue, and ambulance transport services just south of the city of Bozeman.

Visit hyalitefire.org/become-a-volunteer/ to get your application and for information on minimum requirements. Please email recruit@hyalitefire.org with any questions.


One of the fundamental duties of your Board of Trustees is to be alert to changes in our community and make sure the Department is well-positioned to operate in light of changing dynamics. “Staying ahead of the curve” so to speak, well serves district residents as we anticipate, plan, and budget for growth and trying to avoid financial surprises. The attention we place on building capital reserves funds is a good example of how we are managing large capital expenses within the operating budget, rather than through requests for tax increases.

It is in this forward-looking context that we are soliciting proposals to provide conceptual designs for a new fire station located at 5400 Gooch Hill Road. The growth in this area of the district has long been a topic for board conversation and is evident as one drives from Four Corners to Bozeman. It is also evident, from a cost and delivery perspective, this is not a favorable environment in which to begin a large capital project. The desire of the board is to be better informed about our options at the Gooch Hill site and new opportunities for station design since the completion of the Sourdough Station in 2013. 

Given the current economic environment, we do not anticipate engaging in a new station construction project anytime soon. Any discussion regarding station planning will be properly noticed on the board agendas. As always, we encourage your participation in our regular meetings, on the third Tuesday of each month at the Sourdough Station. If it is not convenient for you to attend, you will find a record of this planning process in the board minutes posted on this website. Thank you for supporting our community and the Hyalite Rural Fire District.

Pete Geddes, Chairman of the Board

Open Burning Season Begins Tuesday, March 1

When Can I Burn?

Open burning is allowed by Gallatin County Burn Permit between March 1st and November 30 of each year.  During this time frame burn permits are required.  When conditions are not favorable for burning, the fire chief of your fire protection agency may shut down open burning to reduce the potential for a fire to get out of control.  In extreme conditions a burn ban may be implemented restricting all open flames.  Gallatin County does not utilize the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Fire Restriction system.  Instead, either burning is open or closed (we find this easier to understand) and in very rare situations the County Commission may institute a complete burn ban.

Burn Permits

 Purchase Burn Permit

Gallatin County Burn Permit Help Line:  (406) 548-0144 or questions@gcem.us

Gallatin County utilizes a burn permit system to indicate when it is not safe to burn and minimize false alarms by knowing where people are conducting controlled burns.  Burn permits can be obtained online at www.gallatinburnpermits.com