Our Apparatus

Command Fleet

Our command vehicles are meant for our officers to respond on scene and take command of any event. These vehicles are equipped with computers, EMS equipment, and plenty of room for extra gear.


Our ambulance is a type-three BLS ambulance mounted on a Ford F-450 chassis. This is our first out apparatus on any medical emergency.


Our engines are the workhorses of our department. They are equipped with equipment to handle any sort of calls, from medical emergencies to large structure fires. Each engine is equipped with

  • 1250 GPM pumps
  • from 1000 to 1250 gallons of water with class-A foam on board
  • Thousands of feet of hose
  • Extrication and rescue equipment
  • EMS supplies including an AED
  • an abundance of hand tools, motorized tools, ladders and various other equipment needed for handling any situation
  • We are also equipped with a Type-6 wildland engine owned by the DNRC. This apparatus allows us to get our crew into conditions our larger engines can’t drive.

Water Tenders

Our fleet of water tenders are key for any structure or wildland fires. They allow for proper water supply on any event where a fire hydrant isn’t readily available nearby. In total, our tender fleet contains over 6000 gallons of water, in addition to the water tanks on our engines.

Support Apparatus

In addition to our water pumping apparatus, we keep an assortment of vehicles to assist in other aspects of fire and rescue operations. They are useful for getting last crews out the door of large operations as well as carrying extra equipment not needed on our engines. this includes SCBA (air pack) refilling station, water rescue gear, chairs, a coffee machine, and other rehab equipment, additional ladders, and much more.

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