Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum requirements to become a Hyalite Fire Department volunteer?

The minimum volunteer requirements are: be at least 18 years old and have a HS diploma or GED (contact us to learn more about Junior Firefighter opportunities); have an independent and reliable mode of transportation; have a good driving record and no criminal history; and reside within a reasonable distance of the District’s response area. For full requirements, click here.

What are the ongoing requirements for volunteers?

Ongoing requirements include: uphold the mission and values of the Fire Department; successfully complete all components of Recruit Academy (firefighter recruits only); and be able to meet job duties and requirements. For more detailed ongoing requirements, click here.

I’m saving up for a car and use my bike to commute around town right now. Can I become a volunteer?

No. Our response model includes volunteers responding to calls from home or work whenever they are able to, in a timely manner. Unfortunately a bicycle does not allow for this due to the rural nature of our District. Having an independent (not shared with any family members) and reliable vehicle is required of all volunteers.

Why are volunteers required to commit to a minimum of 2 years of service?

Due to the incredible amount of time and energy required of our current staff and volunteers to train new volunteers, we ask for the return courtesy of at least two years of volunteer service. Many of our volunteers are MSU students and stay with us for at least 4 years; some volunteers have been on our Department for over 20 years!

What kind of positions do you recruit volunteers for?

We primarily recruit volunteers for the position of Recruit Firefighter. However, we are also often in need of EMS/Support volunteers and Drivers/Operators. Contact us to learn more.

Is Hyalite FD an all-volunteer department?

With the exception of a paid operational and administrative staff, Hyalite Fire Department is comprised entirely of volunteers. To meet or contact the staff, click here. To meet the volunteers, click here.

How often do your volunteers train?

All of our volunteers train one night a week every week for a minimum of 3 hours. This brings the department together as a whole, and allows us to keep our skills and knowledge fresh. Recruit Firefighters also train every Saturday all day for the entirety of their Recruit Academy, with help from current volunteers.

Can you earn any certifications by becoming a firefighter at Hyalite FD?

All Recruit Firefighters who satisfactorily complete their Recruit Academy, as well as who meet ongoing requirements for a specified amount of time, will receive their Montana State Firefighter 1 Certification and National ProBoard Certification.

Are all volunteers required to be EMTs?

EMS/Support volunteers are required to be EMTs. All other volunteers are not required to have their EMT certification, but are highly encouraged to obtain it after joining the Department so that they can respond on more types of calls. Please contact us if you wish to seek more info about taking an EMT class.

Are there any opportunities to further my initial training after I finish the Recruit Academy?

Volunteers on our Department have multiple opportunities to attend various wildland fire classes, seek Firefighter 2 Certification, and participate in many different extra monthly and seasonal trainings on various topics.

What kind of community events do you host each year?

Our Department stays very active in the community. In addition to volunteering as standby fire and EMS at various events around the Bozeman area, Hyalite FD hosts several different large-scale events each year, including a Wildfire Awareness BBQ in the summer, and an annual Pancake Breakfast in the fall. Click here to learn more.

I’m a full-time student, I work 30 hours per week, and I volunteer at XYZ community organization. I should still have enough time to become a volunteer firefighter, right?

Probably not. Volunteering at Hyalite Fire Department is a time-consuming undertaking, but a rewarding investment. Contact us to learn more!


Have other questions? Contact Lonna at or (406) 586-3770 to learn more!



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