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Everyone loves a parade!  Hey everyone– Thanks for swinging through the neighborhood with honks, whistles, sirens, and especially smiles.  Loved it.  Good on ya!  Ken and Jenny Younger

Dear Hyalite Fire Department, I was not aware of your parade today until I saw your trucks driving through our neighborhood (Forest Creek). You guys brought me to tears of joy and wanted to thank you for this kind gesture.  We have been housebound for two weeks now and counting.  You guys totally made our day and week.  Thank You from the bottom of our heart. We love you too….  Susan Spanjol

Thank you for the inspiring parade on Sunday on Lupine Ln.  I have been holding it in for four weeks staying home.  Boy, did I need to cry and you did it!  Thank you for the relief.  I am so proud of you and the job you do.  Sue Robinson

Thanks for giving us the parade, it certainly brightened up our day!  Kathryn Newton

Message from Chair

Dear District Residents:

I have decided to cancel our regular April Board of Trustees meeting and want to provide an explanation as to why. As you are aware the Governor has issued a shelter in place order for the entire state through April 10th and the President (through the Centers for Disease Control) has extended social distancing recommendations through April 30th. Additionally, Gallatin County is emerging as Montana’s hot spot for the COVID 19 virus and every indication seems to be in a few weeks the number of cases, both in the county and across the state and nation, will be significantly higher.

Since we have no agenda items needing urgent attention in April, we will roll all business to our regular May 19th meeting. I look forward to welcoming any of you interested in the governance of your fire department to that meeting. We will arrange seating to observe the appropriate social distancing suggestions and have a sanitized meeting room. In the event it looks like the state’s directive will not be rescinded by the May meeting date we will find a remote access solution allowing public participation.

Thank you for understanding. Stay safe and healthy.

Pete Geddes, Board Chair

Hyalite Rural Fire District

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